Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some one died today

Some one died at work today. It is always a shock but this one is close to home. It was not a trespasser, a vandal or a criminal in anyway. It was a colleague. A track worker collecting rubbish. He believed he was protected. A train came along. 4 of his team got out of the way. He was too slow.
A train driver on suicide watch, a family waiting for a father or uncle or brother to come home.And a colleague in hospital for shock.
These are the worse kind of accidents.

It affects us all. Some of us replay our own accidents... I dread tonight when well meaning people will go over everything in minute detail.
I am sure I will get to relive my own history.. Great. Well it will be a test to my healing over the past 5 years. All fingers crossed.
Photo by Lavagirl6699
wall of rememberance

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