achieved nothing and lost something precious BUT New business Name

woke up after 5 hrs of zombie sleep.  Good sleep, just need more of it..
Yay!! Death sleepI did find it difficult to get out of bed. I had retrieved a mink blanket from the closet to put on the bed as I am male body heating free and being a tight arse I don't wanna waste electricity on electric blankets or heating. SO my nice warm blanky it was. I am usually happy with my decision when the bill comes "Please do not pay this account" LOL

At the post office was a pile of mail waiting for me. I had a few books for my holiday reading. YAY!

I went to clean Adam's cage.. and low and behold.. No snake. WTF!!! Where could he have gone?? The cage was secure.. all the vents closed.. the cage was totally uninhabited. :-( WHAAAAA I was going to feed him today. SO I emptied the cage, Still to be sanitised... and place a dead rat in there. He has  not been fed for a month so he should be hungry. The trouble is, I am not home to close the cage is he does take the bait. Third snake to escape.Mind you Lillith was found a few mins after her escape. Yingarna was gone for ages.. most of the winter but this is urgent that I find him. I have a buyer for him to give him a cozy  new home as a breeder.
Snappy AdamsAdam in Feb 2010

So this ruined any chance that I was gunna have a good day. I am most distressed at this loss. I am very worried that he has gone outside where the neighbour's dogs will get him.  Stupid ppl will probably brag about it  too. :-(
I played Guitar hero until it was time to go to work. On the train tonight, as driving as tired as I do, has gotten me worried. SO  close to holiday's and I don't wanna end up dead or worse, in hospital. The roads are insane and I can no longer take the toll roads. :-(

Tim and I have pretty much decided on WOT pythons for our snake venture. :-)
I am tossing up ideas for business cards, not that we need them, I am just filling in time as I wait for dawn and my relief to turn up.. **Yawn**


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