A birthday for me

Yay I managed to NOT DIE in the last 12 mths. It amazes me that people enjoy celebrating the non death of themselves...I am conflicted at best. I was supposed to have worked tonight.. but I suppose with me fatigue and my distractions atm, it is safer that I NOT go there.  SO I sit here home alone. Could be worse.

I have FABULOUS friends.. most that could waited up until midnight to sms, phone or email me birthday greetings. My mother remembered around 1600hrs..

Ben and Tim both invited me out for dinner. As Tim asked first I went there. I find solace watching his family dynamics.  I don't understand them, but I find them interesting and refreshing.  I agreed to spend lunch with Ben, and this meant that I got 3hrs sleep. 3hrs of BROKEN sleep I may add.
No sleep. :-/

I did throw clothes on and toddle up to Ben's place. He was waiting for me and spent the time refreshing my hair colour and getting it straight again, just how I like it. Ever since the colourist put layers in my hair...it has been horribly fluffy and I HATE it. Ben spent ages blow drying it straight for me. It annoying to have to ask as my hair is naturally straight.
I did enjoy the time spent with Ben. I had Yingarana and Sid with me to take to Jenny later, but we got them out and Sid, poor thing went into a panic. He could smell dogs and bigger snakes and got all defensive. I have never seen him so agro.
Sid in strike mode
Around 1710 I had to leave to have dinner with Tim and his family. They eat early as he has two littlies and it is a school night. All fair enough.  Robin greeted me and the girls were all smiles. They must have been bribed.... :-) I had snakes and so Jen was all bouncy. I do like watching children's reactions to animals. Cate, being a toddler, gave Sid a smack, not too hard.. and the snake didn't even flinch. What a good boy he is. 
Yingarna, due to her size.. (mind you, she is small for her age) caused some distress to the non snake lovers but the children were not at all fazed. 

Janet, (Least I think it was her that cooked.. apologies if I am wrong) made a great lasagna. Not had one in ages besides a frozen cheap one from the freezer and Heart cakes. Very cute. 

Being a school night, I headed for home at 2000hrs. The bloody roads were closed in some places which made my journey longer than usual.  What can you do? I ended up on the Hume again.. **Sigh**

Home meant I went to put the snakes away. They had had a LONG Day. They need their rest.  I started with Yingarna as she was in a pillow case.  She happily and with a sigh of relief went into her baileys box and then I turned my attention to Sid. 
Opening his carry box, I was distressed to find NO SNAKE. The little shit had escaped. Where or when I had no idea. I searched the car quickly before ringing Tim in a panic.  
Whilst he was on the phone, I searched the car again. Finally, I saw a movement in the back seat, behind the passenger's seat. Thank all the Gods!
Sid was placed in his cage and the door shut tight.  What is it with snakes and hoodini shows?? Bad enough Adam is missing. 

This was too much for me so I headed outside to shoot stars. No luck though.. My remote doesn't work properly with my 7D and I couldn't get the angle to shoot the milky way. 

I think it is vodka time. To work again at 10pm tomorrow. 

A cute spider to end the day. Photo from Smurnain
My friend, the spider

Grateful thanks to Tim, Robin, Janet and Ben who kept me mostly sane today.  **Hugs**


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