Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloody mary

I spent yesterday miserable and looking for grog. Didn't want anything other than the, probably best that I did not drown in grog. Still it made for a LONG LONG day.
Only one of the three people who promised to ring me to check on me did.

So a big hug to TOM Gouzoulis.
He was the only one who kept his promise.

A lonely day saw me walking to the store. I have found my vodka. In a midly unsettled frame of mind, I am FINALLY enjoying my Bloody Mary.
Not so insanely depressed as yesterday but sad stories still set me off.

My trip to gosford was cancelled as the lady could not contact the nursery on time. So I am without my newest baby.

Ben can't come over, Phil is at work, and the boys are in QLD.
David sent me an ex-navy ship photo, which I managed to identify. TWas a slight bright point to a day. A small thing but I'll take it until I am well away from the day days if May. I loath this month ALMOST as much as December.

Bah. Should suck it up and deal. Damned self indulgent self sorrying black moods. Why can't I be normal?

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