Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2

Today I went to Kuranda. The train is slow and the seating in annoying, BUT the views are awesome when the weather plays ball.

Nice bridge #QRTrip2010 #KurandaRail

I took many shots, that I will have to upload later. These photos are from Evan's Photostream.

Nice vew from Barron Falls Station #QRTrip2010 #KurandaRail

I was grateful to get off. I was also happy to see a large levered signal box. The signaller was at first reluctant, but after David told him that I am a signaller, he opened up a bit.

We went up the hill and saw $9 steak at the Kuranda Hotel. Guess where we went for lunch. To my delight, there was Guinness Pot pie on special at $9 so I chose this. And it was YUMMY!!! Really the best Pot pie ever. Even Evan, who had ordered Lamb rolls, bought a pot pie after he tasted mine.

Evan at I went to aks about cocktails.. the girl didn't know how to make a Pina Colada, so we bodgied one up and it tasted the same. The lady at the table opposite was horrifyed. It tasted very good.  I had tow but then had to call it quits as it was expensive.

I saw on 4Square a location called Venom Museum. I HAD to go there. The boys were not interested to it was a Lone Woosang that went. There was a water python on display outside and we chatted to the guy for a while.

Downstairs was where all the snakes were. I did some OK shots, and I was thrilled to see the Brown tree snake. A cute little orange mildly venomous snake. I was surprised at the amount of none venomous snakes, an Olive, a woma (hiding) Black headed pythons and the upstairs Water python.

I got a tour of the creepy crawlies, including the black scorpion.  He even showed me a taratula but I resisted holding that.

Cute little leaf insect

David picked me up outside and I got into a conversation with a US tourist. He was asking about hybrids and he was surpirsed and even delighted to find out that we, in Australia, tend to frown on hybrids.  He said he was sadened than he could never guarentee that any snake he bought was pure and he felt they (In the US) had lost something precious. This guy was in his early 20's . Nice guy.

David had a surpise up his sleeve but he patiently waited for me to stop talking snakes.

David had found an outlet for Mango wine. Yes, Mango wine.  The dry is a pleasant crisp taste. I did like it, but the mango port was AMAZING!! OMG!

Mango port

Feeling ever so slightly tipsy.. We headed down the hill to meet Evan and Druey's train.

D missed out swimming the night before, so we soldiered on the Skinny Dips. A gay place that allows up to swim in the nude. Evan and Drue were uncertain, but they eventually got into the gist of it. Even if Drue's shorts had to be dragged off him. 

We had fried Camenbert in bread crumbs and they was heavenly.  Truely divine.

Pizza for dinner then sleep.. zzzz

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