Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have been good

The worst day even on my calendar. I truly hate this day more than any other holiday. Its worse when ppl know I have a son and wish me a happy mother's day.
Its not a Happy mother's day..hasn't been in 9 years. SO do I have to pretend? Yes apparently I do.

Not drunk.. this is a first.

Mainly as I can't find the vodka. But sorta proud that I have not resorted to other forms of Alcohol. Minor win but a win.

Went to Mother's place to drop of her Birthday present. She seemed happy with it.

Boys seem like they need a 4th party they seem to be suffering from each other's company... **Chuckle**  bound to happen. Still David has an AWESOME view for today so its not all bad.

To ppl with their kids Be grateful. Sure they piss you off but be thankful they are there with you to piss you off.

Now if you will excuse me.. I have vodka to find

Me N Fabian

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