Low tolerance

of Emo children who think they are all grown up.  I was banging my head against a wall but managed to talk to one whilst drunk. OF course they know everything.. being teenagers... BUT I would not be a mothering person if I didn't try.

Immensely frustrated this week.
 Nothing like being second best.  Pft.

Leaving tomorrow. Need the early train as things can go wrong and I ALWAYS get bomb searched at the airport and need to allow time for the camera testing. As I don't fit normal demographics. I am ALWAYS tested. I just shrug and allow them to do their job and let the 6 business suited drug/explosive runners go by.. What do I care??
Security measures are inefficient and don't catch a lot of ppl. They also piss travellers off. I usually go by train. I would PREFER to go by train. I Loathe flying now more than ever. The faster I am on the ground the happier I will be

Alone at the airport.. Boring and annoying. Yay. SO 0426 train outta here. I think a coffee and a good magazine/book will tide me over before I talk myself into a frenzy at the terminal and just walk out.


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