Thursday, May 27, 2010

OOps its Thursday

I meant to start updating the trip.. Hmmmm Looks like I may never get to do that.
Before I start How yummy is this lady??
I love this woman.

Tim's party was Saturday.. In someways a success but in others not quite so much. Still I was happy that Robin seems to be having a good time. We see her out with us so rarely.  (Robin, come out with us more often.. We enjoy your company!)
I managed to snap an awesome pic of her
A lovely Portrait of Robin

**Grin**Tim's party at Kelly's on King

Sunday was a quiet day, David and I did very little.. Mostly updating and I KNOW I spent 9 hrs in front of this damned computer updating one day of my trip. I managed the day I arrived in Cairns.. and some of the next day's Kuranda trip...Not much else really occurred...

Kuranda Train Departed Redlynch

Monday was much of the same. A few more pics bright me up to part way of the next day in Cairns..But this time, I am OVER Cairns...I may skip ahead to the venom museum.. I think maybe just do a blog on that and the Australia Zoo.

On the way to Kuranda

Before I do.. TheKuranda Pub has the BEST Guinness Pot pie EVER!! Go there just to eat it. Seriously Nom Nom nom

Tuesday had me driving to Tim's Place so he could drive me up the F3. My hatred for this road compares the the heat of a million exploding suns. I get road rage thinking about this road.

Alice needed to be picked up. As a few ppl has made some very much needed minor donations on Sat, I had cash to buy Alice.


I didn't bring it.


Dumb fuck here left the BLOODY MONEY AT HOME
A panicked phone call to David and thankfully he found it and was still home to take it to the bank. **PHEW** This meant Tim had to drive into Gosford for us to find an ATM.


We arrived around 1130 at the Reptile Park for pick up. Marilyn from the Snake Ranch was lovely. As it was pouring with rain and we still had an hour's drive (At least) Ahead of us, we didn't elect to use our free passes to the reptile park. Maybe another day.

Upon arrival at Picton, Alice was put into her new home. Tim then had to head home to pick up Robin. A flying visit.
Alice our Newest Woma

Alice our Newest Woma

Many Many Thanks to  Tim for the chauffeuring.

Wednesday a quiet start but with the Herp AGM on it was going to be a late night.

I did go down to my favourite café where they had an All you can eat afternoon tea,  Lovely. The sandwiches were excellent. Troy popped into the café for a chat as he passed through the town on his way to Camden.

I drove to Sydenham for the Herp meeting.
Tim joined me at Town Hall with the trains running late due to the Stupid State of Origin. Can't they have those trains separate?? Seriously.. Normal ppl want to get to where they are going ON TIME Not held up by Football Hooligans.

We arrived only 15mins late.. but luckily they were running late due to ppl looking at the auctions items.

There was a Wonderful LARGE carpet I loved her.. but I was not stupid enough to fight ppl in an auction for her. These people were serious.
ONe guy bid against me for a coastal carpet hatchling only cause I bid for it. :-( There was no interest until I made the first bid.

I was sad to lose out on the big carpet. Such a lovely creature. I did make small bids of $40 and $50 of two other animals and was lucky enough to win both. Trouble was I did not have the $50. Tim very kindly put up the money so we could take her home.

Tim carried both snakes to the car in his hoodie. One n the hood the other in his pocket. Chuckle...
Yet to be Names Splotched Python

Coastal Carpet Python - To be Named

When I finally got home around 1am.. (Give or take) I settled both snakes in click clacks and collapsed into bed. I did have a nice long phone conversation with David which was lovely.


Back to today. Took my two new charged to Ryan at Derk's to see what I should fee the Splotched and to show off the lovely carpet. Heehee

He was not there, starting at 0930, But Phil and Sherrie were there. They ooed and ahhed as they should and then the Splotched AND the carpet took exception to Phil. LOL.. Mind you, both snakes had been in a bag, travelled shaken that the auction, prodded, dangled by the tail shoved into a bag, driven put into plastic boxes and were probably a little fed up.  The dear little blotched held onto my for dear life but I left the carpet to her own devices. She has been mistreated badly and weary or ppl handling her.

I got some food for them but now I realise the Blotched needs adult mice not weaner mice.

When i finally returned home, the Blotched was happy to gobble down the mouse but the carpet just hissed at the rat, I wonder, has she been fed live rats in the past?? She seems terrified of the rat. SO I left it close but and covered her in her pillow case. She seemed to finally have eaten it. I will have to check in the AM.

Tim got her ID'd as a Coastal CArpet Python from Grafton/Kempsey Area

Enough for now. More pics are on my flickr.

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