Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A sleep catch up day

I basically slept the whole day. Really.

Um..., maybe I died
I didn't have Sleep cycle on for my arvo sleep.

I was awake from 7:30ish to midday and went down to the café that David wanted me to try. FTR... The coffee is not great but passable. I would prefer Ryan's coffee and The Crema Café's food. The food  is not special, basic fare, cooked  to your specifications, the staff are awesome. Friendly and fast with the service.

I wandered home and back to bed.

This does mean of course, for the first time in ages, I am chirpy and active. I have been so run down, but being with children recently and then getting 11.5hrs sleep has restored me.
The guys at work here are saying I seem a lot happier than I have been.

Awesome picture

Halong Dawn, originally uploaded by Julian Kaesler.

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