Thursday, May 20, 2010


Bloody vodafone was in and out for the rest of the trip. I will update the blog as I go through photos.

Today a 40 mins outage with NO SERVICE and I am at home!!


Tim picked Evan and me from the airport and dropped us back home. Tim had brought Sid to meet me so Sid must have gone to the hospital.. I wonder how the patients took to him, He is a sweety.

Tim brought Sid to meet me

 I had a huge bag of stuff for him to give his kids...I do hope they like them.. I do like buying for my kid and Tim's girls. I have always likes buying pretty stuff and FINALLY i have an excuse. YAY for friends with wee little girls!!!

David is driving back from QLD and is attempting to arrive tonight at Penrith.  As much as I want his home I would prefer him home SAFELY and not in a jar.

Today was peaceful, We arrived at Roma St a little late, we retrieved the car (Thanks MATT) and repacked it. David drove us to the airport were Evan and I waited for 3 hours and luckily the lounge was affordable and allowed us to go early. There is a 2 hrs limit but they allowed us in 3hrs. As it cost $35 I was determined to eat/drink $35 worth of stuff and I went close. LOL. A lovely wolf Blass Merlot or two, some coffees and a goulash. Yummy. It was relaxing.

Flight was uneventful.

Now to process 7 days worth of pics....

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