Ah yes.. The night shift continues

After the raid during the Soccoroos game A lot of people here are getting jack of being treated like children. There are rumblings of a mass walk out. I think management wiill get sick of paying inspectors double time to come in during the wee hours.
It looks like they will go for a full time supervisor, but who cares?? Really. It is just padding the middle management as per usual. We sack the bottom line to increase management positions. Bah.

My shift was Liverpool. This was a panel that had track work. The trains ran smoothly and I eventually had freight lining up to go.

I watched Brazil Vs Cote D'Iviore which was a good match.  A lot of people here are smarting about the Australia Game vs Ghana. We all support New Zealand as we feel NZ has a better chance than our team.

Had a nice young man chat to me most of the Night. lol Corrupting a young mind. Still I was glad of the company.

Monday saw us sleeping in. Tim came over for some camera assistance and luckily a minor part was solved. The lucky guy saw a passing steam train..

Alas I had to go to work and not snuggle with David. Still I did enjoy my day.

Another night on Table and another night of soccer. :-)

This photo below was taken by Ryu Voelkel
World Cup 2010 South Africa: Brazil v Korea DPR

and this one by mikkelz
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa - Portugal vs Korea DPR at Cape Town Stadium

Portugal is smashing North Korea. I am not sure they know how to play..



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