Wednesday, June 2, 2010

another almost week has past...

In my defence I was unable to log in last night and tonight  TPG flamed out out across the east coast of Australia.
 Saturday found David miserable. I was pissed off as there was no reason he should have been treated like that. Really angry.


We had arrange a coffee with Shelley and Derek. Of course it became a tweetup which made it more fun. Tim was supposed to be there but at the last minute he had to go to swimming. Shelley and I were Bummed as this was the point of the meetup. The three of us have not found a time in the past year to meet up.

Morning Meetup on a sunday

I played with freezing time
Frozen in Time

I am very very happy with this looks like glass.

Water Play

We wandered to the Maritime museum. We had 1/2 price tickets
FINALLY I got to board the HMAS Vampire. She will be removed from the Museum soon for refit.. I am glad I got in first but would be a coup for me to photograph her leaving the harbour.

More pics later.. (I hope)


This day I went back into town and it was an on and off day. The rain was on then off so it was horrible. I got a call from Drue telling me about in incoming New Zealand Naval Vessel. I was sitting at Railway Square having a coffee.. so I heading out to the water.
Being a shit day I did not take a ferry. I was not going to miss a shot by hunting it without an AIS. I found a reasonable dry spot at Mrs Macquarie's chair.. I was lucky in that there was a break in the rain.

Again rather happy. I Can see the Pilot on Board Flag..and ZMRS as the other flags
Orangetim did better, as usual
HMNZS Resolution A14

AFTER a long day of getting drowned..David joined me and we went to the Vivid Light Festival

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