Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another day another boring shift

Le yawn. Seriously.. How to people do arvos all the time. I will go mad.

Unsure about the party I am supposed to go to.... Depends on whether D goes to work or not. The snubbing of one party irks me.. I have the need for female flesh atm so I am gunna see if my plans work out. Least it wont hurt for trying.

In other news Tim took some awesome yellow moon rise photos.  Of couse there is no yellow moon when Yvonne can shoot it, the goddess moon seems to put on a show for Timmay. And he doubts her existence.. chuckle....

yellow moon 28062010-2

fuck I am pissed. I thank goodness David is sober so if we are needed anywhere, we can drive post haste.

Anyone with stress need not worry. All is well.
Its just MY state of mind that is a concern.. but I am ready!! I will wade into fights if requires. I have in the past and probably prove how stuip i  I am in the future. I would defend my best friend's kids like my own. Fuck with them and U fuck with me.

did I mention drinking.. ?? Fuck. Why do I do this??? **Groan***

Brian's Mother Died... U think I have stress to deal with. He wanted NO ONE to know. Stupid fuck. We would suport him.

love you all

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