Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 3

Assuming I can get a blog to save as I go. Epic fail for day 2 so now that is lost forever.

Sunrise at Woosang Farm
Day 3 saw us all sleeping better. A little. Mother's bed is beyond horrible. I would have been better sleeping on the floor. I was also freezing when above the covers but hot and sweaty underneath. Still all the children slept better so we were all more relaxed.
Woosang Farm House Tim and D had a pow wow somewhere out the front so I went to take sunrise pics. Most are average at best. At a stretch. i need to get up early more often.


Today's drive was going to head us home. We decided to go via Temora and Wombat.

Temora Railway stationTemora station is another abandoned station, which is slowly getting vandalised. A shame. A grand old building that could be used as a public space. But of course they are locked up and them the locals smash them to pieces. Closed July 29 2009, its a sad indication of this country's lack of commitment to public transport. There is NO REASON not to run the Griffith train in a loop either way via Coolamon or via Temora and back around to Sydney. But NOOOOO Let's let all the small towns die and increase city populations.. but I digress...

Temora Station

Tim found something...

The Temora aviation museum was originally the reason for the trip. They were supposed to be flying the sunday, but of course in their stupidity, they have changed the flying days so that they fly more often with less planes. They tell me oh but you can see the planes more often, to which I replied only a few and not the ones I would want to see. The town is quite distressed as people are not going to make the trek to the fortnightly flying days as they would the bi-monthly. I certainly will not be. The big once a year day, yes, but not for the others.
Hmm I think the museum is going to go down hill. A shame. It will be the community that will suffer.

Off to Wombat. We had to buy wombat eggs. :-)

The wombat hotel was closed on Mondays. DAMN!!!

We soldiered on to Harden.  I KNEW there were a few pubs in Harden..ALAS Monday is the day of rest. Of the 5 pubs in HArden, only two were open at all and only  one was open for lunch.

Still it was a good meal and I would go back. Not outstanding but good. I was not going to eat the rest of the day.

On we pressed.. Tim had to get home, his clan had been in the car a long time. AND it was not his car. His car was waiting for him at volvo. The Pruyns would have much preferred to be in their car. I can fully understand this. We basically chatted the whole way home.

Still pissed about the day 2 blog. If I even get the strength, I may tackle it a third time but don't count your wombat eggs.

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