Friday, June 18, 2010


My first night shift after being on holidays.  I had not been able to rest properly, so I was concerned at my ability to stay awake. :-( The panel was the newish one to I am not comfortable with it yet. Still it went off ok.

I was so tired, that I slept on the endeavour and nearly missed my Station. I think my body knows the curves at Maldon and so far have been lucky. :-)

Mother rang at 0830, disturbing my sleep.  Someone else rang at 0945.. so at noon, when I had to get up, I was unrested. :-(

Saw I had $54 from this week's pay. Holidays suck.

I had to ask David to pay my hairdresser. I just had no money. Laurie, is leaving Picton. So this was the last time she could do my hair, ever.

Self Portrait

She did not really cover the ends but she did a great cut and blow dry. Ever since the layer experiment, my hair has been fuzzy and I loathe it. I wish I could blow dry it straight myself. But I can't get the same effect. I willhave too start budgeting for a blow dry each week. Least if I go out anyway. Hopefully it will be back to straight soon.
Ggot called into work. I asked D but I dunno if he said yeah cause he thinks I wanted to hear it or yeah cause he knows I needthe money.

He looked sad. :-( 

Work is busy  and because the boss doesn't wanna pay someone to come in 4 hrs early in the AM, I am caught out covering the work. 

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