HMAS Vampire

So I heard from the grapevine that the HMAS Vampire was to move position to the eastern side of the harbour today. :-) I was excited as I had the day off and even got up in the dark to travel to get there. The Navy is notorious for doing things earlier than timetabled but this time, They were slow.

My trip into CQ was wasted as I missed my scouting ferry by a minute so I nabbed a coffee and a muffin and caught a 443 to Darling Harbour to see what was going on.

She was still tied up when I arrived and after sitting there for 30 odd minutes, I nabbed a passing Manager and asked him. He looked surprised that I knew about it, and after his initial shock, decided IO was harmless and told me the time was changed to 10am. Grunt.

Just AFTER 10am.. two DMS tugs arrived. The Betong and the Quoll. Shortly after, there Bronzewing turned up, but went to the wrong wharf and had to back out again. Heehee

DMS Betong

I watched the jockeying of the tugs to get into position and in this time, a less senior manager of the Museum, allowed me on to the Wharf that the HMAS Advance is tied up to. This allowed me to get closer to the tugs. And of course no more bloody walkway in the way. YAY!!

HMAS Vampire sets sail

After a bit of fiddling, the Vampire was backed out of her wharf. Trouble is Cockle bay if too narrow and has too many ferries in it for Vampire to swing so she had to back out to Berth 7 where the James Craig is tired up.

The Berrima was sitting in the turning space so the Maritime museum launch set out to tell her to shift it. If a big destroyed was coming towards me I would be moving without being told.

Berrima in the way of the HMAS Vampire

The museum staff invited me up the Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse so I could take photos from a bird's view. The man who took me up, served in the Vampire as had his son. Fascinating. He was upset that he did not have his camera. Another man arrived and he also had served on the Vampire. He also did not have a camera. These people leave home without cameras!!
 Even a small one!
I always carry a handbag camera.

HMAS Vampire sets sail

I was now running late for my train. I had 18 minutes to do a 20 mins walk. Grunt

I missed the train by the 2 minutes I was delayed at George St. :-(

Upset. As If I had thought properly, I could have nabbed a first fleet class ferry and chased the Vampire to CQ. **Headsmack** Too focused on my train home to think straight. Grrr


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