Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Tuesday 22nd June

Has a good afternoon chatting to a boy (OK he is 21 but a boy to me as I am old enough to be his mother) in the Netherlands, whilst watching TV. I felt a little guilty as I was watching Big Bang Theory ahead of David. :-(

I Left late, forgetting the time, and set the GPS so it could track my movements of the night. OF course I could not find MY GPS. :-(

Got totally lost in Mt Druitt.. I ended up on Hassel Grove and the people on the phone tried to help but asking me where I am is not helpful.. IF I know were I was then I would have given a reference. I ended up sitting at the Bidwill Hotel as it was a landmark that David's colleague could find.
Yes I have a CAR GPS. Yes I can read a map. I did not have my paper map.. and the GPS does not really show enough detail. I did set the right destination.. it just dumped me in a suburban street.

Tim ad David will probably never let me live it down. Still they ARE shitty dangerous suburbs and I was last there in 1986 pre M4/M7 so I was very unhappy to be there again. Slums of Sydney at night. YAY... :-(

Finally David's Colleague found me.. :-)

We went to Rooty Hill (Another slum) to photograph his train. We saw two people at the phone booth but took no notice as drunk people are to be expected. We continued to the platform where I was practising Panning. Unsuccessfully but still practise, practise, practise.
V set



Upon our return the police where talking to the two people that we had seen at the phone booth. Apparently one of the girls was assaulted int he nearby car park. ( no surprises in this area) the police questioned what we had seen, what we were shooting and I was happy to show her. They seemed happy with us and let us go on our way. A lovely group of police. I am sure that they have already recorded my car rego.. but who cares.
It is nice to be asked politely what I was shooting instead of a demand.

A short side trip to Concord, saw us at the Maldon Allied Mills. I have been wanting to shoot this mill for ages.
Allied Mills

Allied Mills

(Side note - Tim did you write that piece for our domain??)

I then got David to take us to the cement works. Unfortunately I could not get the shot I was looking for.
Blue Circle Southern  Cement Works

Bed was 0500.. and a Stupid company rang consistently at 11am. Boo!!

Got a horrible shift on tonight.

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