Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let down by technology

Well on the 8th I did a part 2 blog post about Day two fo the weekend. But even though it was sent from my phone, it has not arrived here at my blog.
I have no idea what I wrote and I doubt very much that I can fill in the details again. SO the outline of the day is below

Day 2

We all awoke as the children got up. Fabian for one is a herb of elephants even when being quiet so we all heard hin slam the doors on the way to the bathroom.

The children, now awake means everyone else must get up.

Three of us decided to get shots of the once a week up train passing through Brushwood, so we sailed off into the sunrise leaving the Pruyn women to deal with the smaller child. The elder two had TV and therefore were not going far.  We were only up the road anyway.

Xplorer passing through BrushwoodIt was very cold due to the wind and I only had on one of my hoodies, a clear break in my Woosang farm protocol. Always wear more than you think you will need..

After 15 mins the train arrives and was going quiet slowly.. I dunno if it was cause of the 30 sign that was not for his track, (Maybe a new driver?) or me being nearby (But outside the rail corridor) wearing a red hoodie. (Me bad) Either way, it gave us plenty of time to take shots of it passing through the silos at Brushwood. Timmay, missed out of getting the Station sign in.. (grumble)

After the train passed we gratefully piled into the car to return to the hearth of the farm house and pancakes. YAY!
David had been cooking them, so we were hoping some were left after the hoards had been at them.

Well again my blog has not saved and I have lost a day's blogging. Pics and all vanished. FFS. I am now giving up. 

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