so the rest of the week tuesday to Thursday

the rest of the week has mostly stress free and David's issue with bullying and harrassment saw him taken unfairly off the road and when management saw he was not going to back down to their tactics.. they folded. He should take it further. I hope he does the people involved will not stop. It has been 8 years of ongoing stupidity. ANYWAY he had 1.5 days off with full pay so it cost them money not him. All ridiculous.

He and I enjoyed the all you can arvo tea. at my favourite café YAY!! Now to get David and Tim to the Arvo tea and I will be happy.

I have been doing photo uploading and geotagging the 2007 Russia photos.  Yes I am so far behind I am still dealing with 2007.

Still need to upload the rest of the road trip photos and then start o the may holiday blog and photos. I used to write a journal for each trip, but I stopped last year. I should start it again. That way nothing get lost. Ah well..

Today is Lunch with Drue. I need to buy Ben a present, all my other attempts at getting him something have been thwarted due to credit cards harassing me. It was so bad that D had to bail me out of the over due parts. Now I owe him money. **Sigh**

SO a BIG sorry to Ben. I'll make it up to you one day. I also had the saturday already booked with Fabian so I cannot go to his party. Again. I missed last year as well.


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