Monday, June 14, 2010


After a miserable Saturday, Sunday could only be an improvement. Well I went to work. AM Shift. I was only asleep for 3 hrs when I had go go to work. YAY :-(

I was on table and as my boys did not need me to do breaks. I took the opportunity to nap.

SO far better than Sat.

We got Raided. The management in their wisdom are spending money on Middle management to come and spend 10-60 mins with us, do a head count and leave. Well that is my tax dollars at work. Stupid. It is part of the over reaction that will cycle back to normality one day. I don't care. I don't do things that upset them so MEH.

After work, went to pick up Fabian.  I could not get him yesterday as his basketball and AFL training keeps him busy until 1830. :-( It was pointed out to me that this may have caused the issue yesterday.
WELL FUCK. Its not my fault. No one told me until much later that he could not go. Its not fair. I try to do nice things for ppl and ended up fucking it all up. Plus fucking myself up for the work day.

SO anyway Fabian became an apprentice. He did well and he took some pics for the tourists whilst he waited for the show to start.

The show was an odd as the night before. I cant match Tim for Quality in night pics. Mine were ok his were great. Always the way. :-(

"Southern Swan" in Fire Water 2010

I met a great photographer who was being paid to be there.

David and I took Fabian to Pancakes on the Rocks. We were out so late that I had to ring Inara so shedid not worry. At least Monday was a public holiday.

Playing with Filters

At Pancake Parlor

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