A weekend of stress and Joy Day 1

I was thrilled to be going away but it was overshadowed by the cloud of Doom that followed us. Even Robin noticed it and she was brought up to speed.

As most ppl who know me are aware.. we had to delay our travel by one day. Fabian of course was not going to be swayed into going to school as he was promised the day off.. so we spent it playing xbox/playstation and watching Monk. I was surprised that he liked Monk. I did get him to watch the Big Bang theory as well. An underrated program..

Twas a relief when Tim arrived outside the front of our house at 0730 or so. A nice early start. Fabian was all ready and so we sailed off into the sunrise..

The usual roads were taken, the Pruyn clan seemed a little stressed, but as it was they settled into the rhythm of things.

We stopped at Cootmundra, I would gave thought that they would have wanted to stop at Murrumburrah, but no. Coota. Still we chatted with our two ways so it is most pleasant. The children (Well the older two) ran around the platform before the arrival of the Griffith train, when we left as well. We passed the Bethungra spiral, and I am sure Tim explained the spiral to his clan. An interesting piece of engineering.

interesting graffiti at Coota Station

At Junee, we split off for a few minutes for David to get a show ot the Griffith Train and the Pruyn clan to the Licorice factory. We rejoined them, We could see the factory from the Griffith line so we still had 2-way contact. LOL.

Interesting place.. very small, I did not buy a coffee there, I probably should have. The upstairs shop was the same as the one we have here in Picton, so I didn't even bother with it, except to herd the older children out.

After a while we went to the local Lavender farm. Of course it is not lavender season... but the stop was a request. A wonderful view from the farm of Junee so I took photos then played soccer with Fabian. Tim did a headbutt of the ball forgetting about his glasses.. Oops...

To the right you can see Tim's eldest Daughter, Jen playing upright bowling. Fabian is on the Step.

Now after a quick stop at the Coolamon IGA, off to the farm.

We had to rearrange the farm house to accommodate all the people, but we fit. The Pruyns had brought blowup beds so all was well.

The two drivers was exhausted so it was a fairly early night, but as it was very cold and people not totally comfortable in the big empty house, poor Cate had a bed night. Still she was bright and bubbly the next day. :-) I remember when Fabian was a difficult sleeper and the night I put a fist through the wall in frustration. What a difference a supportive family makes.


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