Sunday, July 18, 2010

iPad play day and a NEW LIZARD

Of course with a new shiney.. I couldn't help but fiddle with it.  Of course without a sim card, I was limited to playing with it in the house.. but as I was housebound for the most part this suited me.
I did little else.
Luckily for me... I had to go to the Herp meeting at Campbelltown so I was forced to get dressed and communicate with people. OOOOOO

The meeting was about lizards.. (Yawn) I know they are cute but as proven with the Pygmy experiment, David and I are Snake people. We don't have the time to fiddle and feed daily. Snakes it is..I love my snakes.

4mths old unwanted centralian Breaded dragon
ANYWAY A lady popped in. Quite late. She is was also a snake person but had a skinny little lizard to give away. A Centralian Bearded dragon. Most likely female. OO I thought of Tim. His Sir Charles is a beautiful example of an Orange Centralian bearded dragon and I know Yellows and Oranges match well giving clutches of both colours.  I enquired and saw another lady interested.. I had a feeling Tim would want this foundling and she is so very cute. Poor thing was in a cage that was too cold too bag and she was def underfed.

I beat off my rival with the promise of a first dibs on the first clutch.. and I took my prize home. I did something I rarely do, and rang Tim at home late at night.

I haz lizard.. she is free.. She is match for Sir Charles.. in future.. Scrawny.. I heard he discussing with Robin (Phew!! I want her to be happy with his brood of Lizards) Yes I got approval and so Orphan Annie came home with me. As soon as I got home, I didn't even stop for my female toilet radar break..... I too Annie out of her huge cage.. and placed here on my chest for warmth.
4mths old unwanted centralian Breaded dragon
Whilst she clung to me, I gave her a warmer home. Of course me house is not warm, but she has substrate, a hide finally (Poor thing had no hide), I had no food but found in my cabinet, lizard pellets.. a water dish and I then rehoused her.

4mths old unwanted centralian Breaded dragon

I checked in her this am. She was sleeping as her cage has no lighting. (Tim has all this... I am sure she will have the best home ever very soon) I touched her and she started. I had driven to derks to get insects for her but they only had smalls.. :-( Poor form Derks.

Ryan was there and he had seen me get Annie last night.  He asked about her. They all know me and the person who will house anything.  (Reptilian)

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