Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday July 5 - Road Trip

Monday July 5

Dubbo day. David allowed me to sleep and had packed the car by the time I made it out of bed.

We left a bit late for arriving in Dubbo. We basically high tailed it there. We arrived at the zoo gates at 1550. We were told originally(in Picton) that if we got in before 1600, we would have am hour. This was going to be our scouting trip. Alas the lady at the gate said we had 10mins. WTF! we had exchanged tickets by this time, so we were quite horrified.

Giraffe At Dubbo Zoo

Still we went for a cruise. Got a few Shots & a plan of attack for our full day. One or two people were still around so we didn't rush.

Swan at Dubbo Zoo

Fabian helped me with panning shots. One or two actually worked out.

Panning - Fabian
Checked in to the No95 accommodation. Self rated at 4stars, it is pretty close to the mark. Bed was comfortable. Foxtel included.

Walked up to SSS. a steak house in Dubbo. They looked busy bur said we could have a small table. Ok..
Shown to the bar area, the place looked promising. Child friendly the kids get a drink bottle filled with soft drink. Shown to our table Sion after.. We were at first impressed.
We waited 30 minutes to find a waitress to take an order. David eventually rang the front counter. Can we place an order? We are on the upper level....
Still took 10mins for a girl to arrive.
Avoid this chain
Fabian was so tired by now, that he burst into tears when we got served but his was still 10 mins away.
Poor kid.

Food was badly cooked. Poor quality steak, over cooked and the salad was made of bitter red rocket lettuce.

Epic fail. Chrissy told me via twitter that in 2007, she waited 2.5hrs..

At 2 hrs, we finally departed. The lady in the queue before us was making a complaint. I fully agreed with her complaints, but her threats were uncalled for.

We treated Fabian to a KFC krusher.

I was cold at night, but this was not the hotel's fault. I did not have the doona in me.

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