Thursday, July 29, 2010

not inspired

firstly don't you LOATHE it when a company say they will ring you on a certain day and they don't. The excitement builds to the day then frustration and despondency when they don't ACTUALLY RING. Torturous fuckers. What to do? Is it a bad sign? Are they just incompetent? (Most likely) Why name a day then tease?? Why not leave it for he original date. Its all angry making.

I has more night shifts this week and my place in the locker room was  was usurped twice. Whilst the first night I didn't mind the second made me grumpy.

The shifts themselves were dull.

Wednesday was a day off (Haha) but having worked all night I missed 95% of the day. SO did nothing. My trip to the sydney herp society was cancelled due to the rain and I was just not ready to venture out.

I went to sleep at 0450 only to get a call at 0500hrs.. this morning to come into work.. Ummm no....10 minutes sleep would not be good.
SO I missed out on overtime. Ah well..

I was playing Guitar Hero but my lounge room is too cold..and my fingers froze. Bugger....

Last onefor the day.

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