A quiet night

A quiet 12hr shift. I spent the whole 12hrs on Hurstville, and with one minor exception, nothing happened.

Read a book, well, tried too... but two colleagues were being stupid and loud for around 4 hrs. before they fell asleep.
MEgan got me Macdonalds.. which brought my calories to over 2400.. No wonder I am putting on weight.
My Mcangus burger has 650calories which is less than the packet of chips I had had for lunch. Time to reign in my stupidity.  I need to eat 700 less calories just to maintain my current excessive weight.


Got an Offer for MEdusa.. Sorta Yay!! BUt i don't wanna let her go. I have spilt much blood and suffered much to get her as healthy as she is today. Also she was a gift from my best friends. SO I would rather sell one of the other snakes than her.

Good to know she is beautiful enough to attract suitors


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