Friday Night shift

We in the signal box can tell when a local football team loses. Last night, the buldogs lost. How do I know?? No, not by watching the game, but by the damage to my trains. ONe was set fire to and two had lights and windows smashed. Why? Who knows. It annoys me, upsets the train crew and the public as they get kicked off the trains that they were trying to get home on.

After this kerfuffle, we had 4 overhead power forms to fill out. The shut down was quite large.  Annoying but after we got all this organised the night was quite quiet.

I hate driving home, after night shift, always tired, but the stupid southern highlands train has not connection from town on the weekends.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

The Kokoda trail memorial track at Concord was vandalised last night. (See Telegraph here) Unforgivable. I again stand by my statement that all ppl under 25 who are not in full time work or school should go into the service. Our society is falling apart as manners, respect and history are forgotten. THis is also in my lifetime time that I have noticed this, there have been no major conflicts anywhere near our soils for so long (THIS IS A GOOD THING)  that the young have NO idea and nor do they care about the sacrifices that the previous generations made. My generation had parents in Vietnam, and grandparents in WW2 and so we had first hand experience on the damage done to the men who fought. My child's generation can only read about it.
Its not about wanting to serve, its about learning to fit into a group with rules and your place in society. ITs about rule that have to be followed and learning to respect yourself and therefore others.

Orphan Annie is thriving under Tim's care
She is much more perky and he says she acts like this is the first time she has ever been in the natural sun


  1. I don't normally support violence, but when they catch the person who vandalised the memorial they should graffiti and smash them.


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