Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday night

IN the signal box. Least it is safe and warm.  The rain kicked up through the night but in 8 hours I got 2 phone calls. No three, one from a track machine, one from Enfield telling me about the track machine and then one from another track machine asking for the PPO's phone number. Hard shift eh?

The whole box except two panels had the same sort of shift.

When not on duty, I had time to watch several episodes of Nurse Jackie. Always liked this show, but it is one I have never had time to sit down and watch.

A huge crash on King Georges rd saw some fire trucks, ambo and at least one cop close that intersection. For once I  was glad to be on the M5.

Found a converted for Avi to Mp4 so I will be able to convert the rest of my Nurse Jackies.. This will be great when I am on table next.

Harrier Vertical Landing
Photo of today taken by Joe Stremph

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