Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still sick

The Dr told me 5 days off Brochitis. (I cannot spell it) Grrr. I was hoping to be back at work by at least Wednesday. Trouble is I am still hacking up a lung. **Sigh**

SO Monday was a right off. I just slept and the Dr took the rest of the arvo.

Today was much more successful.

I will elaborate when the time is right. But At least it is another step forwards.

Shot some Ferries, still playing with Shallow DOF. Getting a bit better. Tim took some AWESOME shots of the ferries. He went to get his phone fixed. As the apple care had expired... it was a matter of finding a good repairer.
We recommend iExperts in Bathurst St Sydney. $99 for an LCD screen repair and only 30 mins

Awesome Harrier pic from Joe Stremph
McDonnell-Douglas TAV-8B Harrier II BuNo 163860, VMAT-203 "Hawks"

This stitch is from Drue

Later Edit:
Well it was a perfect day but as we all know it can't remain as such
A distressed friend in need had a few of us running to help. Bummer why do these things happen to the nicest people. Found out some interesting things that will come out tin the wash. Ah well All sorted for the short term.

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