Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday July 4

Without my panel partner who took one look at me when she came in, I would not have survived.
We did a version of hour of power & so I coped. Why did I do the shift? Would you say no to 24hrs pay?

Tim came to pick me up, as David had taken my car to Evan's who had kindly put him up for the night. They had gone on ahead.
Tim & I arrived about an hour or so late.
David had our food cooking and was ready as soon as we arrived..after which we explored the bunkers.
Evan & Beau in the dark

Tim in the dark

The boys playing with light

Some date back to 1874 or so. Iron roofs and cannon mountings were still there.

The many colours of Evan

After shooting some ships and yachts we saw one more bunker before Tim & I declared it dinner time.

Georges Head Battery Gun Room No.1

Kellys on king, usually a favored pub, this time the food was quite poor & took a long time to be ready. Steak was basically inedible. Still good friends & booze, life is not all bad.
Tim left us soon after and we retired to Evan's place.
David & I had to pick up Fabian.

I was extremely grateful to get home finally!

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