Thank you Tim

Tim was in town for an Arvo tea with me and D. I had him look at Even who is poorly and didn't manage to shed at all. She only got her head off. :-( Tim saw immediately that the skin has not allowed her to defecate and she was badly impacted.  Poor Eve she looked so sick

Tim and David took the poor snake to the shower and under warm water tried to remove as much skin as they could. Tim massaged her and she finally got it all out. She was much perkier afterwards. Not all the skin is off and her tail will be at risk.. but she is hanging in the shower under heat lamps in a damp pillow case to try to friction some more skin off.
Tim and David spend a lot of time on her and I am sure Tim got bitten more than once. SO
For saving my snake's life (And you know you did)



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