Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday - iPad pick up day

Sick as I was, Yesterday IO received a call telling me that my iPad was ready for pick up.
Of course being the social butterfly I am.. I had to wait until today. I slept in, my body needing rest.
Ipad goodness

I finally headed for Auburn around 11am. I found the place easily enough and I was chuffed that I had parked in a street one block from where David was going to meet me with Beau for lunch.

As before, Auburn Harvey Norman was amazing in their customer service. I would go back there for stuff, even though it is a 2 hr drive. Screw Cambelltown store and their rude staff.

Met up with D and we had a great lunch and the new Bogan fine dining establishment. I even found that they had red been steamed buns. I was in heaven. nom nom
Random JellyNom for thursday

After a few hours.. I drove home and commenced setting up my new shiney. I Was annoyed at myself for forgetting to buy a screen protector so of course the glass is all smudged. :-( aargghh I am so OCD about some things.

Ipad goodnessIpad goodness home screen

Plane spotter on iPadIpad goodness

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