Tuesday 6 July
A restless night means I was up around 0700. Grr

We all dressed, had breaky then headed off. Arrived spot on at opening time. We bypassed the shops etc & set up at the wild dogs..
I was Now riding a bike for the first time since I hurt my knew. 2 years or so.

African Wild Dog

Black Rhino calf - Kufara

I used the tamron 200-500mm. Only changed twice. I had the camera slung over my shoulder reasonably comfortably. The long lens not often getting in the way.


Lots of interesting animals, I was surprised at how much better the zoo was than when i was there in the 1990's. Back then it was a dust bowl. I originally had reservations about going, but it is vastly improved.


We spend 5hrs at the zoo. Fabian fell in love with a wild dog, this damned thing cost a fortune, but he is currently sleeping with it.

After departing the zoo, David treated Fabian to traintasia. Yes there is such a place. I didn't go in, being anti-toy train.

We finally setoff heading for Wellington. We arrived at the caves in time for the last tour of the last cave. A limestone cave, they let us take our tripods down due to the small group. Yay!!
Interesting.. I did manage to clobber my head. Didn't duck long enough.
I only had 28shots for the cave as I had left my spare in the car. D'oh!!

The drive home was long. We stopped for photos.. Many times. We arrives in lithgow with no fuel. Trouble is all places where my fuel cards work where closed. I begged the wollies guy to let my have fuel at 2210hra & he reluctantly agreed. Refueled we high tailed it home. David getting the car down to 5.8l/100km.. Amazing !

Sleep in tomorrow!!


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