A shit day. EXCEPT....

Tim & Robin

1. Robin's Birthday. HAppy Birthday! Hope Tim looked after you well!!

2. My hair was dyed a new pattern

3. Joel at Quintessential made me smile.

Aside from that.. I had a shit of a day. Sales people made me angry, one was downright rude. The guy at Penrith Harvey Normal was a shining star of customer service and was the only service person to care. May be work a drive up there to give him a sale. He rang around for me.

Had to get up early so I was wrong NO SLEEP IN.. My hair appointment was at 9am. Even Tenille said she thought it was odd that I had a hair appointment so early. She has never seen me before mid day before.  She did an Excellent job on my hair. I decided to go the more traditional black rather than my two toned red.

Hair toned down

Car was emptied and then the run around this arvo. Very very angry making.

Off to Quintessential.. Joel asked how my day was.. shopping fail.. rude sales people.. and my favourite café has all these old women in it squabbling over scones at my favourite table.. If one more things goes wrong..
Joel looks and me and says. Honey, we have no more scones. I am sorry.. But I can give you a free cake.. I said no to the free cake..:-) He made us a plate piled high of sandwiches.  Whilst the ladies stuffed the remains of the café's scones in their hand bag. Joel sighs.. They were monsters.. All you can eat taken to a new level. Those ladies thought all you can stuff into your bags.. not all you can eat on the premises..

Joel made sure we had all you can eat..

Poor Joel. And the mess they made!! Was like gulls had thrown food everywhere.. All for $6 each. He made me smile. He chatted and we both felt better after the visit. Least he was smiling as well.

Mother came over. She saw Fabian for a while.. A lot of buzzing.. I am in no fit state to know really what was going on. Too tired.

Mug Shot

I hope tomorrow is better.


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