Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sick Day.. Still sick I can't believe I am still sick after so long. I certainly will be having lean weeks. for the next few fortnights.

Erwin (Air-win) he tells me, has been keeping me company. A friend in need saw David forced to go and stay over night at a friend's house. David is doing this for a close friends but reported not being welcomed and feeling very very uncomfortable. Things are going on and the person being slandered is NOT the person doing the wrong thing. Its sad. My friend does not deserve this treatment.A kinder person you would not meet.

Any it was a night of flying sms.. **Sigh** SOOOO This AM people came to visit. I don't mid usually but I am as sick as a dog, Had a doctor's appointment and then wanted to get my Ipad.

Still I had a pleasant Afternoon harassing Joel, Beau was forced fed Scones and Squeak was teasing me about my squeak. :-(

Yesterday I lend Tim some of my grandfather's photo albums
He scanned a few pics. This is one

M3 General Grant III

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