Actually lost my temper. **Sigh** not at one person but at a group. Now I don't personally care of they follow the masses or go individually, but One person going on strike will only make Railcorp laugh. Also the people taking your place are not scabs as they are not breaking union rules.

Facilites as provided were due to union members fighting for them. You think as a bunch of individuals you would have even a locker room or uniform? Provide your own, or pay for the one we provide you. No free passes. THAT is a union gift. . Now I hate my union as much as most but unlike most, I am willing to stand up to them and my own management. I get results and I will try to fight for the retention of conditions for upcoming employees.

In my EBA it has ome to our attention that Railcorp is offering 5c yes people 5 cents to basically close the small boxes and redesign our working. OK.. Some argue that as they will do it anyway take the 5c. Honesty??? How you thought about this. Take the 5c and them you MUST roll over to management. IF you say fuck your 5c up your arse you have a right to argue. You cannot accept this piddling amount of money and then argue.

What does a new signaller do to get to Area controller level? How does someone earn their stripes to get to control a large area of control?? There is no training package (Another sore point)to get someone on NO knowledge to someone able to safely protect worksites and control trains. OK the union suck Super unions suck extra hard as they throw up their hands when two parties at war are from the same union..And I agree this is unsatisfactory.

I did get upset and being insinuated at reading from a union manual.. (GRR)I like to think I have a mind of my own. But at the end of the day things only change when a group of people stand up together. I am not a unionist but I am not stupid enough to try to fight management on my own.

Ok form a new union, get an IR lawyer like the drivers did.. (And it worked scared the fuck out of the RTBU)but without a group of peer looking out for you, nothing will improve. Things change when people are willing to stand up and demand change.



twice in two days I have been insulted.. A little over it. :-(


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