Tuesday, August 10, 2010

and so Eve is in trouble

My poor snake that had the shedding trouble. She was ok last weekend, and partway through the week. But when I checked her this at.. she had horrible injuries.WTF! I took her straight to the vet. I know the the local uni had a herp vet so I took her to Cindy. Cindy is the vet that works with the local herp societies, and so I have seen her in action before.
She was late. :-( I hate people being late. I can arrive at work late, so why should others.. I stood in the cold and rain waiting.

Cindy finally arrived and she had a french vet student with her.. finally she got to see the snake. Even is in such poor shape and the burn has infected. Poor snake. She is in hospital, at $500 for the stay including injections, pain killers and dressings.The wounds were just horrible.. its a small taste of what Tim is walking away from EWWW.. My poor beloved pet. My heart was breaking.

 How I am going to find $500 let alone the rest of the money for her ongoing antibiotics I have no idea.. But my pet is in great need of expert care, so if I have to sell an iPhone then so be it.  I won't die without a phone, but she will die if I don't  try.

Fuck today.

The Ever curious Eve

In others more happy news.. Tim's last nursing shift ever was today. From what I have seen, they made sure he knows he will be missed. :-) Parting is always bitter sweet, but he can more on to new skills and more upwards.

Best of Luck to Tim. You will fit into our lunatic asylum just fine.

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