Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anytime u wanna take that knife out-thanks

Was gunn a be a happy post, but as the week has trended, so it ended. The day was ok, the evening left me in tears. Mind you, all through the week, angry has been carrying me, a Ray of hope arrived only to be stolen before I could grab hold. Typical.
Love crying myself to sleep. I shoulda known better.

Blessed are the pessimists for they are not disappointed.

In other news sorta related (as in upset making) they have started a fat fucks weight loss challenge. Of course they all thought of me. Yay score for shooting my confidence.

I'll be in the corner with my Teddy if u need me.

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  1. I don't know if I can give any help in taking away a tiny part of your bad feelings. Hardly I'm afraid, cause I'm so far away and we hardly know each other. But - for what it's worth - your week wasn't a complete waste. You have given me some very pleasant hours when we were talking together. I liked to get to know you.

    And hey - being a pessimist isn't much fun eighter. Like living in the Netherlands, everything is flat. Never deep down, but never a peak too. You cannot live without the peaks.

    Anyway - thanks for our chats and I hope we keep in touch.



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