Friday, August 20, 2010

Best day in a long time

Of course it was nearly derailed but my shift extending from 8hrs last night to 12hrs and when I got home around 0230hrs, David was still awake.. SOO I kept him company, emptying a bottle of baileys and watching tv.. Chatting to Koen came to a close when I fell asleep around 0430hrs.

Got woken up by the doorbell at 0800hrs or so so around 3.5hrs sleep.. Peter Neve was at the door and David was compelled to get started for the day. Ugh.. Nothing like less than 4 hours sleep to start a day... Some friendly Emails had me feeling better already. :-)

We chased an engine transfer from Thirlmere, locomotive 1803 is all painted up as Thomas the tank engine and looked very cute. A few buffs were there but for such a rare train not as many as I would have thought.  David said this was the first time this loco had run on the main line in 45years or so.

Thomas the Tank engine transfer

I gave up at Picton, as train chasing is not my thing, I lose interest very quickly. The day was a beautiful deep blue and my pictures show just how wonderful the weather was.

David return home and we got Eve injected and creamed up. She is starting to squirm a lot so this is a good sign. David then put 4 of the 7 snakes outside (Adam being still MIA) and I cleaned cages. This took hours. David went up to Derks for a small packet of straw as Tim was going to drop some to me but I needed a little to finish Ink's cage. To my shock, After an hour he returned (It is 5 minutes away) with a cage filled with a new cage for Eve. A massive 2ftX 3ft cage. as a hospital cage. He hooked up the thermostat and we placed Eve in her new sterile cage. She immediately burrowed under the paper and onto the heat pad, BUT David has been clever and got a heat pad that sticks to the bottom of the glass so she is shielded. And I set the temp reasonably low (27C ) so she should be ok. I am astounded and the generosity of this man I call my husband.

The snakes had to come in, its funny watching them sniff out the clean cages, the new bedding must really throw them off.. but they settle quickly enough. Ink has retained shed as had Sid. Sid has a slight burn mark on his back.. only small so I am watching him closely.  MEdusa is happy (As she can be) but again a slight retain of shed on her tail. What is it with my snakes and their tails???

Tonight sees me at the AGM for Mac Herps and them to bed. for zzz as tomorrow is my "fortnightly"brekkie at Campbeltown with Troy. Then to vote.

Exhausted and I still have hours to go!!!

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