Eve is home **Warning** A grim photo

As much as I an happy she is healthy enough to come home, she is now in my care.. and that is were she got hurt in the first place.
Drue and Ben came to hold my hand and see if they can offer a third person's opinion..David was there as anything I took on, would have to be helped by David. All was well topical cream twice a day.. keep her reasonably dry, change her cage twice a day..
All OK... anything to get her better...

Eve at the vet

then on payment.. here are the anti-biotics.. you much inject her every three days

I have never used or touched a needle. let alone injected anyone or anything. ARRGHHHH As I was pondering if I have to pay Tim to drive down every three days, the nurse offered to show me how to do it. So the poor long suffering snake went back into the examination room and she got injected with re-hydrating fluids. First the nurse then me. Eeeeep

I never knew that needles had flanges... or correct sides or anything.. so I learnt a new skill. As Tim said on the phone, I was now qualified in injecting snakes..

The boys took me to Vaby's. David and I both needed our friends.. D was depressed and I was getting over a shock. Two cocktails did not top the sides, but at $13 each I was not going to drink more than two.


  1. I'm sure you will be ok woo. Your a very smart and caring person. Eve is in good hands.


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