Eve update

Firstly Thank you to the two friends who in the past few days have offered money to help with Vets bills. I do hope I will not need your help..but thank you

Rang the vet at 1555hrs. I talked to the nurse who has been looking for the dirty jobs relating to Eve's treatment.  She has improved even more from yesterday. Se has still on pain killers.. and still grumpy. She is not liking her soaks and is snappy when dumped in warm water. all this is to be expected. Her bowel is healing and less blood in the feces. all good. Her wound is healing slowly so the longer I can leave her there the faster she is healing

I am very woried about
1. my credit card will be cancelled.
2. I cannot provide the care she needs. :-(  How will I bathe her twice a day?
3. How will I inject her with the drugs she needs?

Scared I will hurt her even more than I have.

In other news, I was on morning shift.. A good group of people for once and the manager was on leave (Again) A reasonable shift, just busy enough to keep me occupied.  I was counting the minutes..  thrilled to be home.

Tim seems happy in his new job, the training is rather suited to him and I think some of his class mates will get a horrible shock of reality... Still I wil be interested in how many make it to the finish line. For Tim DNF is not an option. The more I hear about the job, the more I think it is perfect for him.

A reasonable day. Certainly can't complain.

Photo by Dave Ward photography


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