Thursday, August 12, 2010


Stayed up to talk to the vet. I had to wait for a call back as she was in a consultation. Ok. SHE RANG back!!

She updated me on Eve's condition. Eve is improving but due to her full thickness burns on the lower 1/3 of her body, she has developed a hemorrhaging bowel. More stress... This is a bad development, but Cindy tells me, she is perky and bright eyed.. she is not listless or droopy (Well the part that can move) I was invited to a nursing consult, but I don't have tomorrow off and I think I would just not cope seeing her like that. I will of course have to deal with it. but right now, with everything else I just can't.
Cindy outlined her day, she gets morphine for the pain and anti-biotics, she has her twice a day bath to soak the dead and dying skin off as best they can, then they use cotton buds to urge the flakey parts off.
The full thickness burns are the worst part (der) but Cindy thinks if she can get the new raw sink underneath to start healing then Eve should survive at home. She needs a new sterile cage every day, twice a day and then they inject fluides under her skin to keep her hydrated and stop her kidneys from shutting down.

I look into her little face and see she is not giving up. She follows my hand as I move in front of her and kisses my finger.

$700 down and counting but I can't let her suffer, nor can I let her die if she is willing to be strong.

Just cause she is not a mammal, doesn't give her less rights to exist. I dropped the ball and let her down. I have to make up for it.

Wat a shit shit shit week. More stress I do not need.

I am hoping the sale of a photo will cover some costs.. I am not blind to the fact that the sale may fall through, but if it does go through it will cover part of the vet bills. Is it wrong to hand them my vet bill and ask them to pay that??

Eve asleep

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