Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyday I die a little more

Going all emo.. had a down cycle last week and I was looking forwards to an up cycle.. alas it is not to be. It seems to be a continuation of last weeks down.. still going... with a hump of relief on tuesday.

Although it is not true in anyway, I am sure, least my heart tells me it is not true, my brain keeps harping on that I have been abandoned. Of course people are busy, they have lives and I know I am not alone so why do I feel all alone??? Still cracking up maybe...

Today's companions were Phil (UK ) and James (UK) There was a yank in there but he just said Hi and then went to bed..So thank you both for helping me survive a soul sucking afternoon shift.

I felt like I was in a black hole.. every minute I was there had my life ebbing away... If not for Gavin, I may have just walked away.. Sickness tomorrow is looking good...

Snakys was ready for me. She slithered away AFTER I put the cream on and managed to get it on her head as well.  I was then covered in it as She wrapped around my hand and sighed at me. Great thanks Eve, I love being covered in your dead skin and cream.. Grump...

Opened the mint baileys but in my frame of mind, one was all I drank.

Had a look at Ink who had trouble shedding (Oh why me!) but only a little is left an easy removal when warmer. Little ink was cold but fast and fiesty. She went the phone... :-)

Off to bed early.. I may gain enough energy to cope with another arvo.. two to go,...

Hot Men

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