Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday updated

Well the day/ night continued along the best day in a long time theme. I was sad when D had to go to work, and he left early as he was going to his Buff night and getting a lift off Drue to work.

I chatted to Koen for a while before I had to go to the herp meeting. As there was a huge traffic jam on the M5, the meeting didn't sart before 2000hrs. I was appointed to the general committee as there were only 6 full members there. The rest were blow-ins. The speaker was a person from the Hawkesbury Herp society and he was stuck in traffic, and arrived very very late. A lady had brought a rattle snakeskin into to show, I was surprised it was allowed into the country but she pointed out it was tanned and the snakes are not protected in the US (SHAME!!) THis was an old snake, many rattles and he had been huge!

Tim returned with me to move some stuff. Still he left the horse here. I don't think he wants it. :-( I should ask. We moved the big cage into storage, and Lillith back to the kitchen bench where I now have to clean that cage

Saturday (So far)

Polling day!!

I was up at 0430, then at 0530,(I fell asleep again) And had to race to pick David up from CBT. I retrieved him from the side fo the road, and we went to breakfast. Troy met us there and we had a delicious meal. I have even managed to get a commercial kitchen to overcook my pineapple properly. I have to ask for it to be on the griddle and black. :-) Its been tough but today they did it. Best breakfast in a very long time.

Fortnightly breakfast

Filled to the brim, I drove David and I to the polling place. There was a line but it was moving.

Polling day

Imagine my horror, when on the green house representatives paper, I saw no one worth voting for. I had the two major parties, and then religious nuts, and insane people. No one else.
I grabbed a Green voting paper just to show you my lack of selection. For the forst time in my voting life, I was at a loss.. Who do I vote for.. ?? I want to say no one, but that is how the nut jobs get in... and so it was a process of elimination...

I chose this pamphlet as it states the parties

I ended up with Liberal and Labor.. And tossed a coin.

Bring on the state election, this Federal election has been the most uninspiring ever in my memory. Most people in my circle are as apathetic as I am..The experts call it a close call but from what I have seen on my twitter (OK a HUGE selection of people there) most people were left with the same appalling choice.

SO Now we wait and see. Most likely not result until Sunday or monday.. Off to work tonight...

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