Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghosts of Xmas past

Drinking alone is bad. OK?

Only one or two drinks are enough to bring dramas of the past coming back.. only enough to make me melancholy, no hysterical breakdowns... I had the sense to stop when they came.. I also had a close friend on my ear telling me to stop or they will take over my mood.  Other friends have been here during a hysterical episode.. I think he is stil scarred.... lol But He was good to be and helped David put me to bed... he and David made sure I WAS OK..but last night I was alone.. SO I stopped.

As the night wore on, friends from overseas come on line to chat, and with my loyal aussie friend, managed to get my mood back and the ghosts left.. they will return, they always do.

It ws funny that I was telling David this morning that trauma never leaves you, you can control it, but it never leaves.. then I get a message from a close friend stating the same thought.. odd co-incidence

could NOT get motivated to get out of bed and hence missed my train. Driving to work Ah well.. maybe for the best. Arvos take so much of your day...

Had a delightful chat to a lost friend in the UK so it was a great start to a new day.

Now to survive a week of arvo shifts... eep!!

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