Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Again.. :-(

Had Jim from Michigan keep me company at work last night. An interesting person, he is in a mission to prove to me that Yanks can be intelligent and interesting. I accepted his challenge a few days ago.

So far his have been correct, one or two yanks CAN be interesting and intelligent conversationalists. Most of the ones I used to take around Australia has me wanting to kill them in the first few hours or a 4 or 5 week trip.

AND YES! I know every country has its idiots.. but when I did tours it was the Yanks that were worse than the Germans, Dutch, French, Chinese or Japanese. And i Was stuck in a small plane with them.. Just me, and two or three Americans.. SOOOOOO I got the worst of them and developed an intolerance. Mind you I have exceptions..

ANYWAY (AND this post will have me in trouble but there you are)

With an interesting chat companion, I watched Hurstville have a failed coal train at Jannali and Sparky had to cut the engines off an Up Coal train and some movements happened to get the new engines on the back ont he broken train to push it up the hill. This is all very nice... but then the morning peak trains started... 11 run got to Kirrawee and found the line was blocked by a fallen tree.. SO there he sat.

64run left Sydenham and a large brach fell in front of his train and so there he sat.. 15 mins later he managed to get the tree moved with the help of the guard and off he went... He got to just past Canterbury when he found another tree. THat was the end of that run. The train was sitting there when I left....

My relief was late.. well not late for work, but late for me to get the train home... SO Mark kindly drove me to East Hills.

I was glad to get home.. the weekend is still affecting me. I have not caught up on all the sleep that I missed. I suppose this is why I am getting headaches more frequently again. :-(

This photo below if from one of my favourite US Photographers. I urge you non prudes to have a look at Chris's work.

Bobbi, mirror..

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