Just when you thought life would pick up..

It plunges you right back into the deep end

Got up at 3am. This was because today we had korean visitors to our fair shores. I have never seen a Korean Warship and so was quite excited. I left in time to beat the Ingleburn traffic. All was well.

Moonset at Vaucluse

Picked David up who then drove to Watson's bay. We we arrived at our stake out point, A sea King Helicopter arrived right overhead. After we recovered from the shock, we had the noice to grab our cameras.
I was thrilled at how they turned out.

Sea King Helicopter

We stayed there for 4 hours. The Koreans came. Two ships. Awesome. On a high we came home...

David fell Asleep whilst I watched two Episodes of Family Guy.

We popped out for dinner and upon return, we had to put cream in the snake. She went David and he pulled away (**Sigh**)
She left half a mouth of teeth in his hand. **Headsmack** Now to monitor the snake for mouth infection, the husband's had for infections and my nerves....


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