Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sad a heartfelt plea to a friend

My youngest friend has a problem. Mostly it is something us elders would cope with easily, but the young are dramatic at best and self distractive at worst. I am not trivialising his pain, i am not putting him down and I am listening, if anything, my beloved husband should be able to sympatise with our young friend. I would love to believe that i could hug it all away.

I am not prefect... People are not perfect, they do not act how you want them too and it is frustrating but with maturity, you recognize this and either adapt or move on. My husband has adapted and he loves me in spite, of me. We have come to an agreement and we stick to it.

When you are young, it Is the end of the world. It was for me, when my grande passion dumped me.. It was traumatic, but of course you move on to better and more interesting parts of you life.

Hurting yourself is just that. Missing school, hurts only you. In 3 years time with no schooling and no job what have you got? I have other friends who were screwed over by the legal profession. I firmly believe he is innocent nut with his conviction, jobs are rare and precious.
With no schooling, be grateful of anyone will hire you. As a teen you have so much potential. You can do so much and my young friend could go far in the security industry or IT. But will anyone look at him? Not without schooling.

Hurting yourself physically gets you attention, ok yes.. Negative attention. Eventually people will weary. Even your closest friends, have to live their own lives. As much as they love you and want to help, they have other commitments. Children, pets, jobs etc etc...

They will not change. Negotiation is the way to change, and you adapt and grow or lose everything.

Please pay attention to an elder. Any elder. Please accept that we have been in your shoes.. Some of us have done it harder than you have it now.

1. Go to school. The best revenge is success
2. Death is permanent, people grieve for a time then move on. To be remembered for ever you must succeed in life. We all know about famous inventors, innovators musicians who remembers the average person?
3. Some injury is permanent. You hurt yourself and suffer.. Only you will have to deal. No one else can take your pain away.
4. Friends are here to help.
5. Sometimes the older ones do actually know better.

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