Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleeping is for pussies

David had arranged a train ride for me, i think mainly so I could meet his friends. The thought was nice, but I had just finished a night shift... And i wanted to be in bed.. So it was not the right frame of mind.

I am also stressed about my Eve who is most unwell and does need a vet.

So the trip to robertson and back had me drowsy and grumpy. A great impression I must have made.

I did get a few laughs... The Robertson inn is the most revolting place to eat..
My medium rare was sacrificed to some random kitchen god, the veggies were microwaved and the place was so cheep, it used cut up beer boxes for coasters. A pint of Guinness made me a lot more mellow. Just one, i had work to go back to in 10hrs..
As I as I cannot imbed a video unless I access the desktop computer so until then.. Access a little video I did at robertson station
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edit here is the inbed code.

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