Sunday, August 15, 2010

So i have a Tunick photo..

David and I woke up in to get the only through train to Sydney. It was pick up day for our copy of the Base.
I actually can see the guy in whose crotch my head was in..
Shit photo, the opera house vanishes into the sky, the people look like prawns.. Sigh.. If there was ever an overrated photographer in the industry..

Still it was an excuse to be naked in Sydney, in public and frankly was fun to do.

Work seem to have made more managerial positions, a workplace compliance team who raid boxes on a Sunday. They allege to see if we a all at work, but it is mostly because sunday is double time. If they were serious, then they would raid on weekdays too. Wonder how much they pay themselves..

A strange weather day, hot and sunny, then sudden rain and lightning, now, high winds..

My Kubrick photo

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  1. i had hail at my place when it was sunny 10 mins earlier. then it became sunny again


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