Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Half day off

Sunday was a half day off. As usual my rostered 7 days off has turned into 2.5. This is normal, but I am sort of over my friends all disappearing on the weekends. I know its not their fault I work all weekend, but I depend on them to distract me from the sheer monotony of the place I work in.

Needless to say I spend Saturday night alone with no-one to talk to. And not having a chatty crew on, it was a LONG night. Sigh...

My day was spend mostly in bed...and I watched some Simpsons.

Lillith got some time in the sun, and I cleaned her cage. She sat in the corner her clean cage, glaring at me. I did have the opportunity to check her over. She is in perfect condition, still a beautiful girl if a little dark due to not being outside, or under a UV lamp. (Note to self, I need to change all the lights) She has one, she just sits in her hide. I had to force her out today.

A monster lurks within..

My happy bubble burst again. Not through anything really, exhaustion, maybe. Grunt this being high maintenance thing is old. I can't imagine how D copes with it.



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